CBD Stampede  



What time does the Run start?

9.00am the run will  Start and Finish at North Hagley Park.

Will teams and Individuals run together?

Individuals and teams will start together.

Will there be wave starts?

This will depend on the number of entries. If we have wave starts they will start 5 minutes apart and you will be advised in your race pack prior to the start what wave you're in.

Individuals will start first and teams will be in the second wave.

How many are in a team?

3 people per team.

Are there mixed teams?

Yes; you can have a team of females, team of males or a mixed teams.

Do we pick up our race packs on the day or before?

Race packs will be picked up in Christchurch on Friday between 4.00pm and 6.00pm at the Ashley Hotel on 106 Mandeville Street Riccarton Christchurch. Then on Saturday between 10.00am and 12.00 noon. If you are from out of Christchurch you can contact us to make special arrangements.

Can someone else pick up my race pack for me?

Yes; but they must bring your confirmation email with them.

Can one person pick up the team race pack?

Yes; one person can pick up the team pack, again just bring the conformation email with you.

How do I entry?

You enter by clicking on the Enter Now TAB and completing the information required.

How do I enter as a team?

Teams enter Online with individual details completed when entering.

Do we get race numbers?

Yes; you get race numbers and these are to be pinned on your front.

What about best dressed?

We do have a best dressed competition, so you should dress up as your favourite character or whatever. Just remember you have to be able to run while wearing it and get over a number of obstacles.

What types of obstacles are there?

Well this will be surprising. You will have obstacles to scale and go under, these will consist of road barriers, fences, cars, buses, trailers, containers, tyres, camouflage nets, cargo nets you will go under numerous obstacle and through some, just be prepared.

Will I get wet?

This will depend on the weather and what surprises appear on the way. Guys you will sweat girls you will glow "a lot".

What if I can't complete an obstacle?

If you can't complete an obstacle you can go around it but we recommend you complete it. Others will support you in completing it. The last obstacle you will have to complete otherwise you won't get to the finish line.

Do we have to complete it as a team and finish at the same time?

No; but you wouldn't be much of a team if you don't finish together.

What about team timing?

Your team times will be accumulated for an overall time.

Will we have a timing chip?

No timing chips will be required. This is for ease of mind while competing.

Will we know how far we've gone during the run?

Yes; we will have markers for each kilometre.

Will we know where to go?

Check out the TAB The Course, plus marshals will be throughout the course to point you in the right direction.

What about prize giving?

Prize giving will be after the last competitor has finished. Approximately 10:30am

Where will prize giving be?

Prize giving will be at the Start / Finish at North Hagley Park.

What about car parking?

There is limited car parking in North Hagley Park, recommended parking around the park and entering for the event across Armagh Street Bridge..

Is there a restriction on number?

We don't see a need to limit the numbers as we will be able to handle the numbers anticipated.

When do entries close?

Entries will close Mid-night Wednesday 28 September.

What about late entries?

If late entries are taken there will be a late entry fee of $80.  Don't delay with your entries.

What about early bird entries?

Early Bird entries and a Combo with Muddy Good Run and Stadium Challenge are available.